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The eagerly awaited anthology “SWING! Adventures in Swinging by Today’s Top Erotica Writers” Edited by Jolie Du Pré, and featuring a veritable WHO’S WHO of erotica authors!

Length: (ebook) 437 pages; 113,286 words: (paperback) 312 pages; 113,286

Jacqueline Applebee; Neve Black; M. Christian; Jolie Du Pré; Amanda Earl; Jeremy Edwards; Rowan Elizabeth; Emerald; Michael Hemmingson; Jolene Hui; D. L. King; Keeb Knight; Randall Lang; Ashley Lister; M. Millswan; Claudia Moss; Alicia Night Orchid; Karmen Red; Rick R. Reed; TreSart L. Sioux; Donna George Storey; Tawanna Sullivan; Sage Vivant; Beth Wylde; Lara Zielinsky
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Swing! has a fabulous cover and, as promised by the sub-title, an impressive roster of contributors. I have been eagerly awaiting this collection, my interest stimulated by the impressive pre-release publicity campaign orchestrated by its dedicated and energetic editor, Jolie du Pré.


The collection includes some exceptional tales, including Ms du Pré’s own contribution, “Before the Move,” a clever commentary on hypocrisy that manages to arouse despite its ironic bite.

- Erotica Revealed


"SWING! SIZZLES! - Intelligent ... Evocative ... Provocative ... Enticingly Exciting and  ...  Very, Very ... Very  HOT!" - Farlight Press


"Swing! is a fun and frisky flip through the pages of planned non-monogamy." - Bill Brent


"Fun, revealing and incredibly erotic! You'll definitely want to keep this one on your nightstand." - Dan & Jennifer, www.AskDanAndJennifer.com


"...I was impressed by everything - the cover, the intro by Ashley Lister, and the quality of the stories. It was a real treat to read new stories by some of the authors I've come to know since I've been in erotica:  Jeremy Edwards, M. Christian, Sage Vivant, and some I'm just getting to know now, like Neve Black, Donna George Storey, D.L. King and SWING! editor Jolie Du Pré." - Madeline Moore, http://moremadelinemoore.blogspot.com/

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