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When life imitates art...


Eva Cavell is a woman with an embarrassing secret.

She is sexually frustrated and is convinced that her size and race intimidates men.

In an attempt to relieve her sexual tension, every Thursday Eva goes to a local movie theater and allows desperate strangers to fondle her in the dark. She allows no eye contact, no phone numbers—and definitely no names.

During one of her escapades, renowned artist, Jared Delaney, a smooth Southern gentleman with irresistible violet eyes, has Eva breaking her own rules. He has been watching Eva on her weekly visits and sees through her icy defence and straight through to the hot passion burning underneath.


...expect to be framed


Messing about in dark theaters isn’t a good pastime for Eva. She is a tenure-track instructor at a private Denver college that is currently embroiled in a sex scandal and she is the youngest child of a prominent black family.

To add to her turmoil, Neil Hollister, Eva’s classroom aide and former student, is a handsome, barely-legal frat brat whose interest in her is carnal rather than academic—and she’s tempted.

Despite desperate attempts to maintain control, Eva’s world is spiralling into chaos. As emotional pressures build inside her, an explosion is imminent. Will she ever be able to live her life how she wants and without shame?


The answer may lie with a woman who is bold and unashamed in her sexuality. Can Eva be more like her? What would happen if she even tried?

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... The story was full of lust, love, fantasy, fiction, and many more feelings and emotions. I could not put the book down, anxious for the ending and dreading it at the same time. A well-written and unbelievably sensual delight, I would recommend Messalina, Devourer of Men to any reader who likes passionate tales. This erotica novel is what other books should strive to be. Ms. Brown certainly knows her way around a fantastic story of love, lust, and boy meets girl. Awesome read! Read the full review (opens in a new window)


Danielle: Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance; Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



5 STARS! “Who says big girls don’t have fun?”


... Brown creates a tale of lust and love that is fresh and real. The sex scenes were finger-licking good and the plot twists were ingenious. This is a novel where everything definitely had its place. Brown also has the gift of wit that will not go unrecognized and I am sure she will have a large following (me included). There were a few editing mishaps, but the story was great and made them forgivable. Messalina is an awesome story of growth and I recommend it to readers who are tired of pulsating rods and the usual romance fluff. Read the full review (opens in a new window)


Reviewed by Darnetta Frazier APOOO BookClub



5 STARS! “GREAT Book Bytes review”


I absolutely loved this book! Didn't want to put it down. It's unique, it has hot sex (with a purpose), and the characters are like some I've never seen in books before. The first chapter alone will get you in the mood...in more ways than one. Messalina: Devourer of Men has much HEAT and much HEART. It's worth the buy! I'm looking forward to seeing what Zetta Brown puts out next.


Reviewed by ChickLitGurrl





Zetta Brown - She's a Colorful Woman

The Full-Bodied (Book) Blog
Sistah in Scotland
Zetta Brown - She's a Colorful Woman

The Full-Bodied (Book) Blog
Sistah in Scotland
Paperback US$11.99
Paperback UK£8.99
Ebook $3.99

Also available for $2.00 is the ebook short story prequel to “Messalina”

Also available for $2.00 is the ebook short story prequel to “Messalina”
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