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What dark erotic secrets lie in store? Logical Lust takes you aside from everyday erotica to bring you 16 tales of the unexpected. Enthralling erotica from the depths of the supernatural, the grim, and the dark side.

’Inward Bound’ by Edwin Morrow
’Captive’ by Amber Hipple
’Getting Offline’ by Ann Cory
’The Curse’ by C. B. Calsing
’The Fiendish Miss Blow’ by Jay Lawrence
’Talamur’ by Emily Veinglory
’The Sweetness of Suffering’ by C. B. Calsing
’True Homecoming’ by Ariel Graham
’Hide and Seek’ by Lisa C. Wells
’L’Heure Verte’ by Catherine Lundoff
’Life Everlasting’ by Jeffrey Bradley
’My Nearly Perfect Day (apart from the Zombies)‘ by Tara Alton
‘Self Inflicted Lust’ by Peter C. Spahn
’The White Tower (and Dead Man’s Hollow) by Patricia Ethelwyn Lang
’Unnatural Death’ by Norman A. Rubin
’Moon Blood’ by Amber Hipple
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