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“Eternally Erotic is a wild, wonderful, amazing anthology that I simply cannot recommend too highly.  Read this book if you want to be amazed, amused, and not least of all: aroused.  The editor and authors here are to be applauded.  Prepare for a fantastic ride!"

-- M. Christian, author of Dirty Words, Speaking Parts, and The Bachelor Machine.
“Many different tastes are catered for in this stunning collection and each tale is well crafted by well-known writers of erotica. The quality definitely shows.. This is an outstanding, unique compilation of good value and is well worth gracing anybody’s
virtual bookshelf.“

Carrie White, Reviewer eBook Reviews Weekly
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From Logical-Lust Publications, the ebook anthology “Eternally Erotic - an anthology” One of the widest varieties of erotic tales on the market. 14 stories from 14 authors that will amaze and arouse!

Eternally Yours’ by Jude Mason
L.A. Bruja’ by Kathleen Bradean
Het Cats’ by Jean Roberta
Love Charms’ by Amber Hipple
’The Art of the Ice Cream Lick’ by Elena Officer
’The Sisters under the Mountain’  by A.A. Penniman
’The Treasures of my Flesh and Stone’ by N.K. Jemisin
‘Little Bird’ by Danae Klimt
’The Legend of Cherokee Rose’ by Sedona Leigh
’Wanna be your Whore’ by Anne Marie Pernier
In Between’ by Sydney Beier
’The Wedding’ by James Robert Sands
’Inanimately Purple’ by Simon Owens
’Ducal Service’ by Elspeth Potter
$4.99; £3.49; EU3.99
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