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With the true essence of Domination and submission captured in 14 erotic tales, the world of BDSM is portrayed as never before!

’A Lesson in Humility’ by Lauren Mills
’Come Away With Me’ by Rachel McIntyre
’What’s in a Name?‘ By Amber Hipple
‘Pale Master’ by K. M. Hoover
’The Cermony’ by jules
Her Nights as a Deity’ by Ann Cory
’The True Nature of Things’ by D. L. King
’The Gift’ by Erich Mass
’A Display of Submission’ by Danae Klimt
’You are Nothing’ by Destiny West
’Playing a Role’ by Pat Harvey
’Bound by Tradition’ by Edwin Morrow
’Bounds between Past and Present’ by Edwin Morrow
’Eternal Bonds of Love’ by Jude Mason
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