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We are in the business of publishing books. We also sell them, albeit through distribution networks as well as our own site(s). To do so, we need good authors and good books, of course! Not all publishers are the same, and this is who we are and what we offer.


We are neither a vanity nor a subsidy publisher. We ask for no money from authors in setting up or publishing their books, and there are no fees in our contracts. In addition, all authors have the option of purchasing author copies of print versions to sell at events and signings at generous discounts. In order to ensure best practise in our publishing business we:


1) endeavour to publish all our titles in both paperback and ebook formats

2) endeavour to offer competitive single payments or royalties

3) endeavour to place all our titles in distribution networks for maximum global availability

4) endeavour to produce quality productions that are professional looking

5) endeavour to maintain open communications with all authors

6) endeavour to work with authors to maximise promotional opportunities

7) endeavour to offer a fair and representative contract


We will be happy to answer any questions or enquires about Logical-Lust Publications. Please email editor @ logical-lust.com

Notice to authors: We are currently not accepting any more submissions or queries until further notice, having enough contracted material now for our 2011 release schedule. It is envisaged that we will open to new submissions sometime around Spring 2011